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We typically book first class, culturally authentic accommodations for our travelers. In more remote areas they are the best available in each location. We can also work with those on a budget while still striving to ensure beyond-the-ordinary accommodations for all our travelers.
We have tried to balance flexibility and convenience regarding meal options. For this reason, we include meals on any of our tour days when you are traveling off the beaten path where restaurant choices are limited. In the major cities, where there is a wide variety of restaurants, we generally do not include meals so that we can allow our travelers the flexibility of choosing their own food preferences. Your travel facilitator will always recommend some great restaurants and will usually offer to join any group members who would like to go out to eat together. Your hotels will also provide a light breakfast buffet on these days.
India is a destination of cuisine excellence and in the vast majority of places in our country; delectable food will be a highlight of your travels. Indian, Continental and Mughlai cuisine will generally be offered in most destinations and tasty, serviceable fare is readily available even in some of the smaller locales.
Most meal requests can be accommodated throughout most parts of India, including requests for no dairy, low sodium, vegetarian, vegan, etc. Kosher restrictions can generally not be accommodated, with few exceptions. We advise travelers with severe allergic reactions to inform us prior to booking.
Travelers can visit India any time of the year though some periods are naturally much more favorable than others. The dry season runs from October through March and is typically the time that is most recommended. This is also the cooler time of the year.
It depends. We have received rave reviews from some people who have visited India with their kids. If your children enjoy wildlife, learning about other cultures, have a sense of adventure and enjoy meeting new people, destinations in India are a great choice.

We have something to suit all kinds of interests and age groups. Our Family Travel Supplement has some helpful hints for making the most of your family vacation that also has some minimum age recommendations for each tour.

Keep in mind that U.S. food, Nintendo, television, etc. may not be readily available so prepare your kids accordingly. This way they will have reasonable expectations. We realize that you know your kids best so we will be happy to answer all of your questions and try to give you the most accurate impression of what to expect.

To make family tours easier, we often recommend having a private group and guide, though families with well-behaved children are welcome on our group departures as well. We have special private tour rates for families-please ask your trip coordinator if you are interested.
We have had travelers aged 6-80 on our various Indian tours. However, we often encourage families traveling with young children to book private departures and tours incase the young children become overwhelmed so that they cannot follow the regular group-tour itineraries.
Tour rates do not include international flights. We find that it is usually less expensive for travelers to book these separately. This allows you the flexibility to choose the schedule and routing that is most convenient for you. You can purchase international flights directly through our on-line flight engine. Alternatively, we can help you arrange these flights with an airfare consolidator
We can arrange you to be met at the international airport upon arrival in India by one of the representatives of Leisure Tours of Central India. He will transport you to the hotel, help you with your check-in, etc.
You can book your tour at any time but the earlier you book, the better. Booking early (4 months or more recommended) is especially important for travelers visiting during the height of the dry season, October to May, as many of these departures fill up months in advance. Travelers visiting outside of these busy months can often book a bit more last-minute though 2-3 months notice is still recommended.

Further, we usually recommend that you wait to book your international flights until after your tour is confirmed. The sooner that we arrange your tour, the sooner you can take advantage of flight deals as they become available.

We are often able to accommodate last minute travelers as well (some even departing in less than one week!!), so give us a call and we will do our best! For last-minute bookings, it helps to be flexible and organized
YES. Please contact us if you are not able to travel on the set departure dates listed on-line. Most tours can be arranged on alternative departure dates for a minimum of two travelers as long as lodges/hotels are available.
Absolutely! Check out our Tour Extensions for ideas. Extra days can even be arranged in other areas if desired. Let us know how you would like to customize your trip and we will do our best to accommodate you.
You will receive a detailed packing list after you book your tour. Comfort is the rule and fancy clothes are not necessary for any of our tours. Indians in big cities and towns are used to seeing travelers in all kinds of western attire and jeans are perfectly acceptable. However, in the smaller and more conservative areas, it is prudent to be attired in long skirts and trousers and not wear short blouses/shorts/bikinis and expose too much skin, as this is likely to attract undesirable attention.
Laundry service is available in nearly every locale throughout our region. Exceptions include some jungle routes..
India uses 220-volt, 60-cycle electricity. Travelers will require a voltage converter for 110-volt devices. Plugs are typically the same two-pronged flat type found in the U.S., though some facilities have been noted to use the two rounded prongs instead.
The tap water is generally not safe to drink in India. Bottled water is readily available at tourist sites, hotels, and restaurants. Don't forget to use bottled water when brushing your teeth as well! Ice is not always made with boiled/ bottled water. Order your beverages without ice or ask your tour leader if the ice is safe in a particular restaurant.
Most restaurants, markets, and other service providers readily accept U.S. dollars unless they have come across counterfeit problems. They will generally give you change in local currency. The local currency is the Rupee. It is handy to use local currency in markets as you will have smaller denominations to bargain/tip with and don't need to worry about your currency looking pristine (old and crumpled rupee notes are common and readily accepted). Check out our Currency Converter for the latest exchange rates.
Most travelers bring a small amount of U.S. cash with them and withdraw from ATMs along the way. ATMs are readily available in the larger towns and cities. Travelers can withdraw U.S. dollars or local currency at fair exchange rates. Traveler's checks are fine, but they can be more difficult to exchange and usually receive a poorer rate or be charged an additional fee. Credit cards are accepted only in the larger restaurants and stores. Although it is helpful to bring a credit card along for emergencies, don't count on using it for most purchases.
It is customary in India to offer a tip for exceptional service. Tipping amounts vary widely, though some travelers report that ~$10 to $15 per day for your guide and ~$5-$8 per day for your driver is common. Other travelers opt to bring small gifts from their home to give to service providers along the way
Check with your cell phone provider. Each company is different and they can give you the most up-to-date information
No immunizations are currently required for visiting India, though Hepatitis A and Typhoid vaccinations are recommended on most of our Indian excursions. For the most current information, please consult your doctor.
Travelers to India will need their passports and visas valid for at least 6 months after they depart. We consider it the individual traveler's responsibility to check with the concerned consulate for the most up-to-date visa and passport information, though once you have decided which tour option you wish to take and have made a definite booking with us, we will attempt to guide you further in the matter.
Absolutely! We can recommend a reliable company that provides reasonably priced insurance for trip cancellation, medical expenses, medical evacuation, lost bags, etc. - in short, a comprehensive insurance cover that covers most eventualities.
We certainly can as soon as you have finalized your itinerary when you let us know your travel dates and the places you'dlike to visit.
Yes. We can nearly always accommodate even the most unconventional requests.
We will be able to confirm your flights and include all of the flight information in your confirmed itinerary. You will receive airline tickets approximately 21 days prior to your departure from the country along with the rest of your travel documents.
Yes. Any pre- or post-trip extensions to a Small Group Trip can easily be arranged on a custom basis.
U.S. carriers work with the two-piece luggage system. Most U.S. carriers define that as two pieces of checked baggage each weighing no more than 50 lbs, though international carriers generally allow two pieces at 70 lbs each.

Internal Indian carriers have more strict weight restrictions. Your Trip Coordinator will advise you on exact restrictions.
Your final payment is due 60 days prior to departure.

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